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Professional Services

From Underground Utilities to Parking Lots

814-SAND has the knowledge, equipment, manpower and most importantly experience, to take your project from initial land clearing to paving. We handle underground utilities including water, sewer, storm drains and other special requirements. We construct roads, perform demolition and handle grading and erosion control. We also have our own borrow pit.

With all of the equipment and assets to get the job done, you can count on 814-SAND for your next project and expect quality results every time.
Scroll down for more information on the various services we provide:
Water, Sewer & Drainage
814-SAND is fully licensed for all work on underground utilities & excavation - Lic. Num. #CUC1224720
Asphalt Paving
We have the skills, know-how and equipment to construct beautifully paved parking lots, roadways and more...
No commercial lot, intersection or new driveway is complete without expertly-crafted curbing.
Underground Work
We specialize in installing, maintaining and repairing all kinds of underground utilities and underground installations.
Heavy Equipment Rentals
Our extensive inventory of equipment includes dump trucks, vibratory rollers, excavators, loaders, graders, dozers and more...
Depending on your soil type, special techniques may be required to ensure correct compaction - and we have the equipment and expertise to do it!
Class V Fire Line
We are fully licensed to fabricate, install, inspect, alter, repair and service underground fire protection system water pipe..
We provide commercial, industrial and residential demolition services ranging from small, selective demolition to total structure removal and cleanup.
Erosion Control
From DOT silt fences to hydroseeding and slope matting to aggregate installation, we not only provide expert grading and banking but also the finish needed to preserve it.
Lift Stations
We handle complete installation and maintenance of lift stations including valves, discharge piping, stand by power and lift out systems.
From mass / rough grading and excavation to fine, finish work - we have the experience and owned equipment to take your project from bare earth to finished dress.
Land Clearing
We provide land clearing for your new lot or undeveloped property that extends from earth stripping to clear cutting, and offer organic waste disposal services as well.
We don't just install underground utilities within your site - we can perform all the necessary hookups and taps as well.
Whatever you need moved
- demolition scrap, organic waste, fill dirt, gravel or something else - we can get it there.
Landscaping Materials
We provide raw materials for business or residential needs either by pick-up or delivery, in large or small quantities depending on your needs.
Improve curb appeal, make a good first impression, and even increase your home's value with a professionally laid driveway by 814-SAND!
Roads & Road Base
From bare earth to road base and road base to asphalt - whether you're doing simple repairs or laying new road across undeveloped terrain, we have the expertise to do it right.
Site Work & Ponds
We construct ponds for decorative or industrial purposes, and have the tools to help you make your custom or unique land design a reality.