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Residential & Commercial Landscape and Construction Materials

Landscaping & Construction Raw Materials

814-SAND provides raw materials for business or residential needs - either by pick-up, or delivery - in large or small quantities depending on your specific requirements.
Scroll down for more information on the materials we have available:
River Rock #7
River Rock #67
Red Crimson
River Rock #7 is an earth tone decorative rock also known as “pea gravel” due to its size which ranges from ¼” – 5/8”. Most commonly used for landscaping.
River Rock #67 is a natural earth tone decorative rock used for walkways and can be used as a mulch in landscaping projects.
Red Crimson is a crimson colored stone ranging in size from ¾” – 2”. It is used to help prevent erosion, insulate plants from heat and cold, minimize weed growth and it promotes a maintenance free landscape.
Oversized River Rock
Bahama Coral #89
#57 Stone
Oversized River Rock is a 1-3” earth tone decorative rock sometimes called “egg rock” due to its size and shape. It is great for dry creek beds, drainage, erosion control, ponds and landscaping projects..
Bahama Coral is a natural white coral rock measuring ¼” in size (though we can special-order a larger size as well.) It is great for landscaping.
#57 Stone is a grounded granite measuring 1”-1/4” and is grey in color. It has many uses but is mainly used for drainage, erosion control, and parking areas.
Limerock Base
White Wash Sand
Mushroom Compost
Limerock Base is a graded base material commonly used for roadways and driveways. It is inexpensive and achieves great compaction.
White Wash Sand is a washed beach sand that is soft in texture and perfect for sand boxes or volley ball courts. It can also be used in cement for mortar or paving stones.
Mushroom Compost is an organic material used as a high powered fertilizer for vegetable and flower gardens.
Clean Fill Dirt
Sand / Clay Mix
Top Soil
Clean fill is beige or light grey colored dirt most commonly used for house pads, pool slabs and for filling in low spots in your yard.
Sand clay is a mixture of sand and clay commonly used for driveways and roadways because it achieves great compaction.
Top Soil is a black soil commonly used for gardening and sodding. This product is not screened and may have small twigs throughout.
Cypress Mulch
Red Mulch
Specialty Materials
Cypress Mulch is light in color and is used for landscaping. It is known to be a natural bug deterrent and also adds nutrients to soil as it decomposes.
Red Mulch is dyed to achieve color and commonly used for landscaping. The color contrast between red mulch, flowers, shrubs and grass is appealing. Like the Cypress Mulch, it also adds nutrients to the soil as it decomposes.
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